About Us

Behavioral Psychology/Psicología Conductual (International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology) is a scientific journal edited by the VECA Foundation for the Advancement of Clinical Behavioral Psychology (FUNVECA) and the official journal of the Ibero-American Psychological Association of Clinic and Health issues (APICSA). It is published since 1993 and its areas of interest are Clinical Psychology (mainly) and Health Psychology. Thus, subjects that are identified with the objectives of the journal are psychological therapy (from a scientific and quantitative position), such as cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior modification or “third” generation therapies. Clinical and health assessment is another topic of the journal’s interests, including behavioral assessment, questionnaires or scales, or interviewing. The psychopathology of children, adolescents and adults, the experimental analysis of human situations, interpersonal behavior, social relationships, behavioral medicine, neuropsychology, are examples of other topics that fit the objectives of the journal.

Experimental and clinical studies, single case studies (including the functional analysis of the problem), reviews and updates of a clinical or health issue are accepted (consult the subject beforehand with the editors of the journal before submitting for review ).

Three issues are published every year, in the months of April, September and December. Sending manuscripts to the journal for review and possible publication will be done electronically, in Word format, through the link “Sending manuscripts” or, if you have problems uploading the manuscript (and only in this case), by email to the address: behavioralpsycho@gmail.com

Publication of manuscripts has no cost to the authors nor does it need to be subscribed to the journal, but they have some limitations on the dissemination of the articles during the first six months after publication (see publication rules section). There is the option to publish the article with “free access”, without these former limitations and with the inclusion of the complete article in the web page of the journal with open access for everybody. This option of “free access” has a cost of 190 euros per article.

We accept articles in Spanish (preferably) and English.