APICSA members

The members of the Ibero-American Psychological Association (APICSA) receive the journal as part of their membership to the Association. The cost of membership varies if the person wants to receive the journal in print or digital version (PDF by e-mail). The price of the membership including printed version of the journal is 50 euros for students and 55 euros for professionals (including postal mail) for both Spain and abroad. The price of the membership including the digital version (virtual subscription) is 28 euros (unique price for students and professionals, both in Spain and abroad).

Student APICSA members
(including printed journal)
Profesional APICSA members
(including printed journal)
Virtual subscription
(including journal in PDF)
50€ 55€ 28€

Payment of subscriptions can be made through:
1. Credit card (VISA or Mastercard – does not serve VISA electron)
2. Paypal
3. Bank transfer (option only for Spain)