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2018 April issue (vol. 26, n. 1)

Last issue articles

The Worry Anxiety Questionnaire as a screening tool for generalized anxiety disorder: Diagnostic properties (pp. 5-22)  Open access article

Manuel González, Ignacio Ibáñez, Livia García, and Víctor Quintero

Self-esteem and its relationship with social anxiety and social skills (pp. 23-53)    Open access article

Vicente E. Caballo, Isabel C. Salazar, and CISO-A Research Team Spain

Relationship of anxiety and depressive symptomatology in adolescents with two transdiagnostic mechanisms: Perfectionism and rumination (pp. 55-74)

Lucía Ferrer, María Martín-Vivar, David Pineda, Bonifacio Sandín, and José A. Piqueras

A structural analysis of school context and its impact on bullying (pp. 75-99)

Arturo Enrique Orozco Vargas

Does body mass index moderate the relationship between parental support, fitness, and physical activity practice in adolescents? (pp. 95-113)

Manuel J. de la Torre-Cruz, Alberto Ruiz-Ariza, Sara Suárez-Manzano, and Emilio J. Martínez-López

Update of a tentative model of selective mutism (pp. 115-140)     Open access article

Pablo J. Olivares-Olivares and José Olivares Rodríguez

Prediction of cognitive damage in patients with schizophrenia: A thirty-one year retrospective (pp. 141-158)

Rosa Sanguino-Andres, Jose A. Lopez-Villalobos, Clara Gonzalez-Sanguino, Emilio Gonzalez-Pablos, Mercedes Vaquero-Casado, and Maria Victoria Lopez-Sanchez

Behavioral problems in people with dementia: Efficacy of a training program for caregivers (pp. 159-175)

Jorge Bravo-Benítez and Elena Navarro-González

Prevalence of psychopathological features in South American prisons using the Personality Assessment Inventory (pp. 177-194)      Open access article

Carlos Burneo-Garcés and Miguel Pérez-García

Spanish validation of the Type D personality scale (DS14) (pp. 195-209)

Silvia Alcaraz, María D. Hidalgo, Carmen Godoy, and Encarna Fernández

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