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2017 December issue (vol. 25, n. 3)

Last issue articles

Effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions for the treatment of anxiety in children and adolescents: A systematic review (pp. 445-463)

Laura Martínez-Escribano, José A. Piqueras, and Ceu Salvador

Short-term treatment response, attrition and recidivism in a partner violent men typology compared with a control group (pp. 465-482)   Open access article

José L. Graña Gómez, Natalia Redondo Rodríguez, Marina J. Muñoz-Rivas, and María L. Cuenca Montesino

Daily hassles in childhood and their relationship with symptomatology and adaptation (pp. 483-502)

Mayelin Rey Bruguera, Mª del Rosario Martínez Arias, and Isabel Calonge Romano

The relationship between social anxiety and intellectual abilities in Spanish students of Compulsory Secondary Education (pp. 503-516)

Beatriz Delgado, David Aparisi, José M. García-Fernández, Ricardo Sanmartín, and Cándido J. Inglés

Autonomy support among students, perceived stress and fear of negative evaluation: Relationships with satisfaction with life (pp. 517-528)

Elisa Huéscar Hernández and Juan Antonio Moreno-Murcia

Binge drinking in Galician adolescents: Prevalence, implications and related variables (pp. 529-545)  Open access article

Sandra Golpe Ferreiro, Carmen Barreiro Couto, Manuel Isorna Folgar, Jesús Varela Mallou, and Antonio Rial Boubeta

Sexual Coercion Scale (ECS) in dating relationships: Psychometric properties in Spanish youth population (pp. 547-561)

Marina Muñoz-Rivas, Natalia Redondo, María Dolores Zamarrón, and María Pilar González

Quality of life and depressive symptoms in vulnerable adolescent women (pp. 563-580) Open access article

Alba D. Castañeda Gallego, Doris Cardona Arango, and Jaiberth A. Cardona Arias

Looking for psychological adjustment through emotional intelligence: Does teacher gender make a difference? (pp. 581-597)

Sergio Mérida-López, Natalio Extremera, and Lourdes Rey

Parenting behaviors and psychological disorders in Colombian adolescents (pp. 599-621)

Adriana P. Rodríguez Puentes and María Rosario Cortés Arboleda

2017 September issue (vol. 25, n. 2)

Open acess articles

The Lifestyle Related Assertiveness Questionnaire (LRAQ) in patients with metabolic syndrome: Development and validation (pp. 349-369)  Open access article

Jaqueline Garcia-Silva, Vicente E. Caballo, María Isabel Peralta-Ramírez, Paola Lucena-Santos, and Nuria Navarrete Navarrete

Validation of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) among Spanish adolescent population (pp. 371-386)  Open access article

Antonio Rial Boubeta, Sandra Golpe Ferreiro, Manuel Araujo Gallego, Teresa Braña Tobío, and Jesús Varela Mallou

Family relationships and psychological adjustment in Spanish undergraduate emerging adults (pp. 405-417)   Open access article

Mª del Carmen García-Mendoza, Águeda Parra, and Inmaculada Sánchez-Queija

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