Subscriptions to the journal Behavioral Psychology / Psicologia Conductual are for natural years (e. g., 2017, 2018) in order to receive the full volume of each year (e. g., volume 25, numbers 1, 2 and 3). The price of the individual subscription is different if you want to receive the printed numbers of the journal by postal mail or if you prefer to receive each number by email in PDF (virtual subscription) format. The price to receive the printed magazine is 50 euros for Spain and 60 euros for abroad (includes postal delivery). The price of the virtual subscription is 28 euros, both in Spain and abroad.

Subscription in Spain Subscription abroad Virtual Subscription
50€ 60€ 28€

Payment of subscriptions can be made through:
1. Credit card (VISA or Mastercard – does not serve VISA electron)
2. Paypal
3. Bank transfer (option only for Spain)

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