Subscriptions to the journal Behavioral Psychology / Psicologia Conductual are for natural years (e. g., 2017, 2018) in order to receive the full volume of each year (e. g., volume 25, issues 1, 2 and 3). The price of the institutional subscription (3 issues / year) to the journal is 50 euros for Spain and 60 euros for abroad (including postal mail). In case the institution (e. g., university, research center) wants all its members to have virtual access to the magazine, the cost of the annual subscription will be 195 euros. If any of the members of that institution publishes an article in the journal, the article will have the condition of free access without the need for authors to pay the charge that implies “free access” of their article.

Institution from Spain Outside Spain Virtual subscription (the whole institution)
50€ 60€ 195€

Payment of subscriptions can be made through:
1. Credit card (VISA or Mastercard – does not serve VISA electron)
2. Paypal
3. Bank transfer (option only for Spain)

Through the web page, subscriptions made with credit card or Paypal are accepted. When sending the data of the credit card, the subscriber agrees to the payment of the subscription confirming the veracity of the data that sent. The VECA Foundation, publisher of the magazine, is compromised to send the issues that comprise the annual subscription as they are being published.

The VECA Foundation, publisher of the journal, is compromised to maintain the confidentiality of the data sent.

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