2017 SEPTEMBER ISSUE (VOL. 25, N. 2)

Former issue articles

Course and aging in institutionalized schizophrenia: A comparison of cognitive performance profiles (pp. 259-274)

Nuria Miguel-de Diego, Emilio González-Pablos, Rosa Sanguino-Andrés, José A. López-Villalobos, and Pedro M. Paulino-Matos

The mediating role of early maladaptive schemas between parenting styles and depression symptoms (pp. 275-295)

Reyna Lucadame, Soledad Cordero, and Leticia Daguerre

Sexism and dating violence in Spanish, Chilean and Colombian adolescents (pp. 297-314)

César A. Rey Anacona, Yenny C. González Cruz, Virginia Sánchez Jiménez, and Eugenio Saavedra Guajardo

Intimate partner violence and emotional-behavioral childhood adjustment: The mediating effect of parenting stress (pp. 315-330)

Arturo E. Orozco Vargas

Efficacy of brief person-centered cognitive behavioral therapy to facilitate self-management for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis: A mixed methods case series feasibility study (pp. 331-347)

Heidi Lempp, Elizabeth Wearn, Patience Duffort, Fowzia Ibrahim, Beatrice Osumili, Renee Romeo, Carol Simpson, Veronica Thomas, and Andrew Cope

The Lifestyle Related Assertiveness Questionnaire (LRAQ) in patients with metabolic syndrome: Development and validation (pp. 349-369)   Open Access article

Jaqueline Garcia-Silva, Vicente E. Caballo, María Isabel Peralta-Ramírez, Paola Lucena-Santos, and Nuria Navarrete Navarrete

Validation of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) among Spanish adolescent population (pp. 371-386)  Open Access article

Antonio Rial Boubeta, Sandra Golpe Ferreiro, Manuel Araujo Gallego, Teresa Braña Tobío, and Jesús Varela Mallou

Psychometric properties of the Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire (ATQ) in family caregivers (pp. 387-403)

Patricia Otero, Fernando L. Vázquez, Vanessa Blanco, and Ángela Torres

Family relationships and psychological adjustment in Spanish undergraduate emerging adults (pp. 405-417)  Open Access article

Mª del Carmen García-Mendoza, Águeda Parra, and Inmaculada Sánchez-Queija

Migratory stress and mental health (pp. 419-432)

Karmele Salaberria Irízar and Analía del Valle Sánchez Haro