Subscriptions to the journal Behavioral Psychology / Behavioral Psychology can be done at institutional or individual level or through specialized bookstores. Subscriptions are for a calendar year (e. g., year 2017, year 2018) and include three printed numbers that appear in the months of April, September and December. All the subscriptions refer to the printed journal and their cost includes the sending of each copy of the journal by postal mail, both in Spain and abroad.

At the institutional subscription level, it is possible for the entire institution (e. g., university, research center) to virtually access the journal through the website. The cost of this type of subscription is higher than receiving each copy of the printed journal.

At the individual level there is the possibility of receiving the magazine by e-mail in PDF format only. The cost of this subscription is significantly lower, as it saves the costs of printing and mailing.

Each of the following sections includes the cost of each annual subscription and how to subscribe.